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Washington, DC - Apr 15
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Portland, OR - May
Dallas, TX - Jun
Santa Clara, CA - Aug 3
Kansas City, MO - Aug
Chicago, IL - Sep
Atlanta, GA - Oct
Anaheim, CA - Nov
Business Matchmaking Online Network

Register today to be eligible to participate in Business Matchmaking Online Network training and opportunities.

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Business Matchmaking Online Network

The Business Matchmaking Online Network supplements the benefits that regional events provide attendees through education, tools, access to resources, news and a procurement profile listing in the Business Matchmaking Small Business Directory. This resource will be made available to the procurement representatives of government agencies and major corporations. In select circumstances, these benefits will culminate in access to contract opportunities.

By registering your business today, you will be provided email updates when new program features are added as well as immediate listing in the Small Business Directory. Any firm that registers for a 2010 Business Matchmaking regional event will automatically be registered in the National Online Network.

Registration is free and only requires that your business be currently registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database (


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